A story from West End Library

Two weeks ago, I went to West End Library for the sake of borrowing a non-fiction book titled “Comic Art Propaganda”. Instead, I left the library borrowing one extra item, Donald Duck comic (there is nothing wrong with it, right?).

At the check-out terminal, a librarian with a FastBack book smiled and greeted me.

‘Hi, how are you doing?’
‘(I’m) Good’
‘That’s good.’

Now, now, don’t conclude that it’s the end of the story. After I got my borrowed items receipt, I quickly moved aside to let a woman queueing behind me to check-out her items. The friendly librarian also greeted the lady. Either the woman started the conversation or the librarian vent about her work.

The librarian job for the day was to remove all FastBack stickers on the no-longer-FastBack books property of Brisbane City Council allocated for West End Library. An example of FastBack book is given below.

George Negus’ The World from Down Under

There were two stacks of FastBack items with at least 20 books in one stack. Seems easy? Well, for the librarian she must not destroy the plastic cover. No chemical solvents used to speed up her work. And as any librarian would have known, shelve the books back. Not forget to mention, there are three stickers in each FastBack item; in front, on the side and at the back. Enjoy your work!

Oh, remember, each city council libraries’ books are always updated and that means every time a new item comes, a FastBack sticker will usually be given depending on demand.

This is just another library story brought to you by myself. Self-conclusion depends on you as the reader.


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