Thai Festival at South Bank (03/10/2010)

On 3rd October, there were two festivals took place in Brisbane. The first one is Pesta Rakyat organised by the Indonesian community and student union Queensland branch (PPIA Queensland). The event was located at Brisbane Powerhouse in New Farm. I went there for a little while to see what was going on. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos but I did notice my fellow foundation students who have now moved on to the University of Queensland.

Another event taking place was Thai Festival at South Bank. The original Thai Festival came from Melbourne. I stayed there longer because there were more things offered than at Pesta Rakyat (hopefully I won’t be involved at next year’s Pesta Rakyat). There were Thai Airways booth (Garuda, please come back to Brisbane. It’s been three years now!), Tourism Authority of Thailand, various food stalls and a performing stage. I’m not sure whether the sponsor of the event was XXXX beer or Singha Beer. To Pesta Rakyat organisers, please make it better than the Thai fest next year!

I had pad Thai for lunch, cost me $5. The lady at the cashier asked me for payment in Thai and I had no idea what she was talking about. Just earlier at church, a Filipina lady thought I was Filipino. Then at Pesta Rakyat, I spoke to a woman selling ‘nasi kuning’ ($7) with my native language, of course (not Javanese nor Balinese).

Various stalls set up at South Bank, wishing Pesta Rakyat could do better. I wish Pesta Rakyat could be even better than Enchanting Indonesia event in Singapore. The crowd was even bigger at the Thai fest than at you-know-where.

While at the Cultural Centre precinct, I spotted the roof of QPAC decorated with ‘Lego’ men made out of how-do-you-say-that (the box used for bottles of ‘Teh Botol Sosro’). This blog and the author are not paid to promote ‘The Wicked’.

Performing stage, various stalls and the Wheel of Brisbane

Let’s see what are they going to offer next year.


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