Since I didn’t go to Paniyiri, I felt it’s an obligation then to go to Fieritalia, the festival of Brisbane’s Italian community. Fieritalia was held at New Farm Park in New Farm. It is located not far away from Brisbane Powerhouse which held Pesta Rakyat a week earlier. To enter Fieritalia, an admission fee of $8 will be charged. You can buy your ticket from the ticket booth located at the entrance of Fieritalia, not far away from New Farm Park CityCat station. A map and guide of the event will be given to you as well.

A glance of Fieritalia with Brisbane’s skyscrapers in the background. My Indonesian friends and I organised a barbie at this park also during Anzac Day but it didn’t turn out well since most of the chicken turns black and the inside meat was uncooked. At least the weather on that day was fine unlike Fieritalia.

Stalls selling Italian food (that I can’t even find in my hometown) as well as information centres about Italy were set up. On that day, I bought some sort of ‘gorengan’ topped with honey. It cost me $3 (that is cheap for Brisbane’s standard) and tasted nice, I had sore throat on that day. Soggy pavement tells you the weather, the bad weather southeast Queensland ever experienced for September-October period in decades.

A stage was also set up with none others than Italian songs. But somehow it feels like a country club instead.

Italian zorro?

Italy is always associated with pizza and this Fieritalia is no difference. Oven-cooked pizzas were sold at $10 each. I opted for vegetarian (for the goodness of my throat).

It tasted more humane than Pizza Hut or Domino’s. Support local businesses!


That’s all for now. I’ll be back with BNE Open House, trip to Ipswich and more.


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