The Stokes & Alice Lang

Museum of Brisbane currently exhibits the history of skateboarding in Brisbane under the name ‘The Stokes’.

The exhibition tells us the history of skateboarding in Brisbane, skateboards that is uniquely Brisbane and how it differs from the skateboarding culture in Brisbane’s southern cousins.

Skateboarding began in the 1950s. However, during the Joh Bjelke-Petersen era it was considered an act of crime. After the era ended, it was outlawed although there are restrictions for skateboarders such as in Queen Street Mall and Albert Street extension.


What I find it attractive is the usage of the yellow-black line with and blocks as if you are viewing the exhibition on a road.


A special skateboarding ring was also provided. It was taken from the suburb of Moorooka where the park in the suburb has the first skateboarding facility in Brisbane. Other suburbs noted in the ring is Kuraby. Seems like all the suburbs on the Beenleigh QR Citytrain line are being promoted.


Inside the ring, photos of skateboarding activities in those suburbs are shown. Pillows however were put for unapparent reason. Weeks before my visit, I saw group of skateboarders using the ring.

If you are not sure about QR Citytrain lines, never mind. Here’s a reminder : Caboolture, Shorncliffe, Ipswich, Airport (Airtrain), Cleveland and Beenleigh (no Gold Coast line?).

Instead of ‘Queensland – The Sunshine State’ or ‘Relax, It’s Queensland’, it becomes ‘Queensland – The Shred State’.

Of course, before you go skateboarding wear your helmet. Safety first.

Another exhibition at the Museum of Brisbane is ‘Alice Lang – Just In Case’. I’m not an artist so don’t ask me to decipher the meaning of this artwork. The photos are taken from front and back sides (objectivity sucks but it’s better than subjectivity).





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