Christmas Spirit Loop, Ahoy!

While taking the Spring Hill Loop bus from my foundation campus today (I got something to settle down) to Queen Street, the bus was stopped just outside Roma Street Parklands, Wickham Terrace to be precise. A man with City Council name tag (Garry’s the name) wearing Santa’s beard and hat stopped the Spring Hill Loop bus and asked the driver to let all the passengers down and join him at the Christmas Spirit Loop.

Christmas Spirit Loop is a name I made up myself to honour this extraordinary, quirky yet lovely bus service. Once the bus door was opened, each passengers was greeted by this supposedly Santa. By the way, each passengers was entitled to take one sweet or chocolate provided just next to the go-card reader. Of course, each said ‘Thank you’ as basic courtesy.




And ‘Santa’ announced the name of each stop the Spring Hill Loop service. ‘Next stop is Brisbane Private (Hospital)’. ‘Central Station’s next’. ‘Next stop is Queen Street’.

Most of the passengers of Christmas Spirit Loop were taking photos of the interior decoration of the bus. The last time I took a bus service with this kind of decoration was during the run-up to State of Origin match. The bus driver, of course, was wearing Queensland’s tee. But to be objective, posters of New South Wales players were also put up. Passerbys were smiling whenever they looked at the driver or the bus decoration.

Thank you City Council for the most enjoyable bus ride ever!


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