Ipswich Art Gallery

Ipswich Art Gallery is located next to d’Arcy Doyle Place. Entrance is free but bulky items that you carry (e.g. backpack) must be stored at receptionist. Photography is allowed inside the campus including toilet (they have art pieces put up in the toilet area).

Torpedoes or missiles or whatever it is, hopefully have been deactivated, are just some of the pieces the gallery showcased.

Bad modified motorbikes, don’t ride! It’s for art purposes only!

Mechanical doggie eats wrench instead of bones.

Some ceiling decoration made of colourful fabric?

One of the first Ipswich porcelains shown, made in Australia.

Fish & chips, ice cream, tomato sauce, German butcher?

At the end of my visit, I collected my bag which was stored by the receptionist and the lady asked me to fill out some survey about my overall experience to the gallery. Quite an amusing experience. I will be back again when they are having another exhibition. And I think Ipswich residents are slightly friendlier than their state capital’s counterparts.

It’s a thrill to explore another corner of the great southeast.


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