Handover Gifts Museum of Macau

After giving you a brief of Macau Art Museum, I’ll bring you to the Handover Gifts Museum of Macau which is still located in Macau’s Cultural Centre precinct.


By the way, if you’re in the mood of art-shopping, there’s this souvenir shop inside the Art Museum which sells quality items. And you can’t find those items elsewhere in Macau (it’s more expensive than regular souvenir stalls though). The ladies in the family even had some arguments on what to buy simply because it can’t be find elsewhere.

Because I stayed at Grand Lapa Hotel, it’s considerably close to the Cultural Centre. And the weather, although it was winter, felt like Brisbane’s spring minus temperatures in the low 20s.

When I visited this museum, there was a temporary exhibition about life in Macau before casino arrived. It was very ‘kampung’. Unfortunately due to copyright reason, I can’t take any photograph on the photos exhibited. The billboard is just an illustration of what kind of photos to expect.


Now to the main and permanent exhibition, the gifts each provinces of China gave to Macau after it returned to the Chinese Communist Party’s hand. Since I do not memorise the name and the gifts each provinces, your kindness in assisting moi to help other readers out is greatly appreciated.

P.S.: Call me a right-wing bias for using the term CCP if you like. But I’ve been objective in writing this article and I do not defame the CCP in this article.




Even this museum has its flaws. The glass is not long enough to allow visitors view this gift without any interference. Is Macau has a stiff relation with this Chinese province? 😀 (no, I’m not a conspiracy-theorist)




I present you an overview of the main exhibition hall layout.






Hold on there, I thought lotus is the symbol of Macau? Macau is giving itself a gift?



I know this one is from Shanghai.


I do not take photos of all the gifts in the museum. Simply because of time constraints and due to the fact that my camera is sucky. All these photos belonged rightfully to the contributor of Apa Kabar Bram (that’s me, Bram Adimas). However, the real gifts are the property of the Macau government.

That’s all for now. More museum stories coming up.


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