Grand Prix Museum

I have been absent for a week ever since I continued blogging. It’s been a very busy week for me as first semester at university is coming to a close. This weekend also presents me with lots of fun from Brisbane’s many festivals! I’ll get there as soon as I can as this will require me to do some photo editing. So stay tuned!

Now, I’ll present you with another museum trip in Macau. This time I visited the Grand Prix Museum. This museum is also located in the same building as the Wine Museum. Another post will be dedicated for that.


It’s quite a small distance from where I stayed, the Grand Lapa. However, this museum is not located in Macau’s Cultural Centre. Entry to both museums are free, by the way.

As the name suggests, this museum showcases Grand Prix cars, the history of Grand Prix in Macau as well as some Grand Prix related stuff.




Just a little random question, did the car shown below ever been used for Grand Prix before? Your answer is greatly appreciated for the benefit of the blogger as well as readers.



The car in the background (picture above) seems to be used in the early days of racing. While I’m not a Grand Prix enthusiast, I believe that type of car is no longer used for GP these days.


I’m not a racing enthusiast, because I think it’s pollution (call me tree-hugger if you want), but I believe the cars below are used for Nascar instead of Grand Prix. Your clarification, especially if you’re a racing enthusiast would be greatly appreciated.



“Aren’t you tired, lady?”

This museum even provides a simulator. You may use it if you wish.


A mannequin poses to show how driver behave behind the wheels during the race. I guess it is OH&S (Occupational Health & Safety). Is your workplace abiding this? Even my recent visit to GoMA and window shopping at the soon-to-be-closed Borders Albert St required me to follow OH&S.



This (above) is dedicated to MotoGP fans.

How mechanical repair was done? Don’t forget, OH&S must come first!



I think the mannequin acting as camera crew is a bit over the top.

Overall, it’s quite an enjoyable experience. I definitely recommend this museum rather than some disappointing museums in my hometown – it’s good & educational but not properly taken care of.

Have a great moment. See you later.


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