Going Greek for lunch

Last weekend was Paniyiri, Brisbane’s Greek festival. Greek as in the people from Greece, not geek as in IT nerds (pardon me). Last year due to a series of unfortunate event (sore throat), I didn’t go to Paniyiri.

Anyway, this is my last post before I’m on my study assignment break next week. I’ll be back earliest by 3 June.

I’m not going to focus on my whole experience at Paniyiri as it will take so much time. I promise I’ll write that down as soon as I’m back from doing assignment. So, this post will focus on what I ate during Paniyiri.

1. Sweet honey puffs


It’s one of the must-try food at Paniyiri. Honey is poured on top of the puffs. If you remember my post on Fieritalia last year (go find that in this blog), I ate something quite similar to this. Was it called gnocchi? Anyway, I also forget the Greek name for this honey puff. Small plate costed me $5, bigger plate $7.

2. Haloumi Wrap


Another must-try at Paniyiri. I guess this is the Greek version for kebab. It consists of vegetables (tomato, onion, lettuce) and beef. Did they put mayonnaise or Greek yogurt inside? It costs me $8.

The Greeks used to be considered as lower-caste European migrants in Australia. But time certainly has changed. The guy who served me when I bought those two things used the word ‘Mate’.

Paniyiri celebrates 35 years of Greek-iness (if there’s such a word) in Brisbane this year. Definitely I’ll visit Paniyiri again next year. If you’ve missed out, there are many Greek restaurants in West End. If you live in my hometown (Denpasar), there is this Greek restaurant called Mykonos in Seminyak area – I’ve eaten there before and I like it (but my mother doesn’t, apparently she doesn’t like Greek food because she finds it weird).

Hope you have a great day. See you again when I come back from my bloodbath with assignments. 😀


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