HMB Endeavour in Brisbane

Between 28 April and 8 May 2011, HMB Endeavour made a stopover at Brisbane’s Riverside (Eagle Street Pier area). The ship arrived on the weekend before but I was in the city on 28 April.


I could enter the ship if I want to but I decided not to. Why? The ticket is simply expensive, $9, for people like who have no part time job. Also, I could not carry my backpack inside and the closest place for me to leave my backpack is either in Spring Hill or State Library. I couldn’t be bothered about the distance.

Bram without a backpack is just like the Man with the yellow hat on Curious George without his yellow hat (you get what I mean?). As for the history of the ship, I believe you could do your own researching.

Anyway, it’s great to see a variety of ships in the city once in a while rather than CityCat, CityFerry or rich people’s yachts all the time.


Gloomy weather certainly it was. I had plan on that day to visit Redcliffe but I missed the bus. In the end I decided to go to Bulimba by CityCat.


Her next port of call was Gladstone in central Queensland. Currently, she is on her way to Townsville before continuing to Cairns and the anti-clockwise loop continues across the continent (last port of call is Eden).

I will have another post coming up on the second guest of the Brisbane’s Riverside. She’s the world’s largest solar-powered ship. Not sure though whether I can jump on board but what I do know the organiser has a mini exhibition at Eagle Street Pier between 111 Eagle Street and Riverside Plaza.

More info of where she’s up to: Endeavour Voyages

And, yup, my bloody battle with assignments is over but not completely finished yet. Enjoy your weekend.


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