Greek Orthodox Church

When I mention something Greek, that means it’s another Paniyiri-related post. This time I’m going to bring you inside a Greek Orthodox church in Brisbane. As Paniyiri was held in West End, so does the church.



I’m not sure where to begin but yeah, this a typical Greek Orthodox church architecture. Definitely, I’m learning something new here because my faith is similar to a certain extent but different church.


This is the entrance of the church from the festival. I took from inside the compound. There were ladies selling cross and rosary (the Greek version, of course). You can also see the huts erected for the festival. In the background, it’s Brisbane’s skyline.

Now, let’s take a look inside.


My first impression, this is one colourful church. You’ll find similar decoration in all Greek Orthodox church worldwide. Before you enter the hall, there are candles for you to lit. You must pay for that candle.



When the priest started his oration, he can go on and on like in the Protestant church. That’s why they keep a clock inside. If you started to get bored, well, there’s the exit.

The priest is also allowed to marry. But most probably he gets married after he became a priest. Not that there’s no chance, it’s just rare.


Imagine how many days it took complete painting the whole church? How many litres of paint were used?

Now, I’m taking you to second floor. Somehow the upper level reminds me of the Denpasar’s Bishop House – not that I’m a regular visitor but if you’ve ever been to the morning mass at that place, I feel similarities.


In the altar, there are some areas where attendees are not allowed to enter. Some part of the altar is also closed unlike the Catholic church. Holy Communion is provided though.


The bench reminds me of Kepundung Church, haven’t been there in ages – ever since Cathedral opens (which the construction never finished).


So does this church recognises Saints? They don’t have choir during service but oddly enough, later in the afternoon they have choir performance at the church.

Anyway, if there’s any information that’s wrong about this feel free to correct me. Russian Orthodox church next, anyone? 🙂

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