Wine Museum

Let’s return to Macau where last time I left you with the Grand Prix Museum. Still in the same building, just located next to GP Museum is the Wine Museum.

I wonder what wine got to do with Macau. It is a small place with people cramped that developments are going upwards. Do they have land for vineyards?


As you may have guessed, winery in Macau is brought by the Portuguese. This is the corridor when you entered the museum.


This museum also has a touchscreen display to make information friendlier to absorb. Readings are provided in three languages, Chinese, English & Portuguese.


I can’t remember why I took this photo.


The diorama shows how the wine is made indoor in the past.

I took lots of photos in this museum, actually. Unfortunately, unless you’re really interested in knowing the traditional costumes of each Portugese regions I’m not going to show it here. Leave a comment if you wish me to write a post on that.



Same as the GP Museum, entrance is free. Location: somewhere near the park with golden lotus in the middle

Extra: Do you know why Sideshow Bob of The Simpsons was quickly accepted into an Italian town?

That’s all for now. Back soon.


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