Hong Kong Museum of Art

I’ve brought you inside Macau’s Museum of Art. Now, I’ll bring you inside Hong Kong Museum of Art. This trip was sometime in early January 2011. I still remember the date but I won’t reveal it here.

Well, HK Museum of Art is not free. It’s only free on Wednesday (I find it weird that lots of museums in China open longer on Wednesdays). But the price tag is still acceptable.

The museum is located in Hong Kong’s Cultural Centre precinct. Believe me, I thought Brisbane’s Cultural Centre precinct exterior looks outdated (except SLQ & GOMA) until I saw this. I’ll have a separate post on that.

There are lots of no photography zone inside the museum. But I really enjoyed their ‘Touching Art’ exhibition. I’m not sure whether it’s the museum or someone else who fund this but they use laser technology to replicate sculptures from Paris’s Louvre Museum.

Visitors are allowed to touch the sculptures (since all sculptures are replicas) but they must use hand sanitiser provided just outside the exhibition hall.

The museum does have a souvenir shop but it was kinda compact inside methinks. Just like what Turanga Leela of Futurama said, “It’s like Hong Kong.”

Anyway, the museum consists of five levels. The family and I didn’t visit the top level since they felt very tired. Well, we were lost on the way from the MTR to the museum. Yes, finally I visited a place with a decent public transport unlike Brisbane’s rotten public transport system (not in my suburb anyway).

Here are some photos taken from the exhibition that does allow photography. Enjoy.

I believe she is Guan Yin. If you’re Buddhist you should know this (apparently I’m not).



Some pictures will be smaller in size.

Dancing with the Stars 😀



Not done yet. I’ll come back tomorrow. Good night.

P.S.: What day is today? It’s my birthday.


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