Short Hop to Surabaya

Well, it’s been a long time since I last blogged I guess my one-week break is a good time to reconnect myself with blogging. I’ll start with my short journey to Surabaya with Mandala Airlines on the 8th of July, 2010. Don’t bother asking me what was the flight number because I forgot.



My seat was the second last row from behind. It was almost sunset, yeah, and luckily the beaches surrounding Ngurah Rai Airport is facing the west. Pushback began.

Passing the international terminal


Garuda’s brand-new livery airliner ‘moored’ to gate 3/4

Passing all this cargo-and-baggage-related thingy

Turning over, bound for the mangrove side of the runway, isn’t it beautiful?

And finally took off. I think Duran Duran should make a song titled “Reached Out for the Sunset”.

I didn’t took many photos since it was only a 40 minutes flight and my camera sucks (can’t take photo inside a building and Brisbane Open House is this Saturday, and in the darkness hence I relied on my mobile phone’s camera for QBE Riverfire).

Anyway, it was almost time for landing. A snapshot of suburban Surabaya.
It seems like the opening segment of Seven News Adelaide, seriously. See it here.

And the plane that brought me to Indonesia’s second largest city was parked next to ExpressAir.
Isn’t the picture quality sucks? Or was it me who has the inability to take photos?

All in all, it was a nice trip with friendly flight attendants. Hopes Mandala will rock Indonesia’s sky in the years to come. Hoping they could manage their crisis although my fingers are crossed.