North Ipswich

After visiting the Ipswich Information Centre (which is strangely located in the suburb rather than CBD, in Queens Park), I decided to go to North Ipswich where there is the Railway Workshops Museum, another campus of the Queensland Museum. Unfortunately, I didn’t go in because I didn’t have enough money. But at least, the next time I come around, I know the way to go.

From the Ipswich Transit Centre, I crossed a bridge but I don’t know the name of the bridge. However, it is similar to all other bridges in Brisbane, it connects the north and south banks of the Brisbane River. This time in another city.

Believe it or not, this is still Brisbane River. Riverlink Shopping Centre is in the north bank. Facility for recreational purposes are created on both sides of the river. Somehow it reminds me when I fell down while riding a motorbike last year in my uncle’s house in south Denpasar. His house was located near a river where people play, fish and bathe (seriously).

The other side of the bridge lacks pedestrians. But at least, the infrastructure is there.

The south bank of the Brisbane River with recreational and sporting facilities shown. Remind me to go to Waterboom once I reach home.

This photo was taken facing the Ipswich CBD from Riverlink Shopping Centre. The tall building on the right is Commonwealth Bank and on the left is some kind of business or economic council. I think I have seen more skyscrapers in Darwin than in Ipswich.

Spot the difference(s) with the picture above.

This is Riverlink Shopping Centre. It has the three major supermarkets (Woolworths, Coles and ALDI), Super Amart, Target and Officeworks just to name some. For us Indonesians though, it is uncommon to find a shopping centre with so many supermarkets. Mostly have two at most.

Under the tree stands a small billboard welcoming ‘us’ to North Ipswich. Red carpet would have been better.

Finally after some 10 minutes of walking, I could see the Railway Workshops Museum.