Farewell, ‘One Eleven’!

This afternoon, RAAF fleet of F-111 based at the Amberley Air Base flew over southeast Queensland and northern New South Wales for the last time. I read on City News it would be over Brisbane’s sky at 11.20am, then today’s Courier Mail wrote at 11.50am. In reality, it flew after midday. My bet is bad weather (Australia’s wettest start to summer in 111 years as The Australian wrote). Hmm, ‘One Eleven’ and 111 years? A coincidence?


The photo was taken by yours truly while he was having his daily dose of newspapers at the Tim Fairfax Room at the State Library of Queensland. The guy who was seated next to me in the room commented that he actually wanted to take photo of ‘One Eleven’ but he forgot his phototaking device.

The jets left Amberley Air Base flying over Ipswich and Brisbane and parted way. Some of the fighters would move northwards to the Sunshine Coast up to Noosa whereas the rest should fly over the Gold Coast down to Byron Bay. So long, ‘One Eleven’ after your 37 years of duty! As part of my commitment with the F-111 story, I will post my visit to Ipswich Art Gallery to see the F-111 exhibition there.

That’s all for now!

UPDATED: A news story from Seven News later in the evening about the F-111 or F1-11 (which ever way you prefer it) farewell