Around the Cultural Centre precinct

This post is still related with HK Museum of Art. But I’ll bring you outside instead.


The museum showcased some statues outside the museum (somewhere near the cafe).


This museum is excellent point of learning history (they had an exhibition during the early days of the British colony).What I hate about it is the exterior. It’s ugly.


I’m not a fan of their tiles. It’s like I’m walking back to ’70s or ’80s. I thought Brisbane’s Cultural Centre looks outdated in particular Queensland Museum (except SLQ & GOMA).


Though you can get uninterrupted view of CBD from here (without being blocked by passer-bys or fellow tourists).


This is the exhibition I was talking about earlier. I wouldn’t mind if the museum is redesigned similar to Louvre. 😀 (I really hate the tiles)


This is the promo for another exhibition on the British. When I was at the exhibition hall for this, most of the patrons were French.


Upgrade the looks and I’ll give this museum a five-star rating.


I guess it’s time for Nathan Road.

Hopefully I could post stories from Cleveland and Surfers Paradise soon. Oops, not to forget Jakarta and West Nusa Tenggara.


2 thoughts on “Around the Cultural Centre precinct

    • Thanks, your blog is great as well. Just make sure the pictures are smaller – it needs a long time for me to load.

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