(In & Around) Victoria Square

This is a special series of Apa Kabar Bram posts dedicated to my short visit to Adelaide. I’m doing whatever I can to promote this wonderful city even though I was there only for a few hours.

I walked eastward from where I last stood in my previous post. At the end of Grote St is Adelaide’s Victoria Square.


Ah, failed photo! It was blocked by the tram. A blessing in disguse? 😀 The spires in the background, is that Adelaide’s Cathedral of St Francis Xavier? By the way, you could take the tram for free all the way to North Terrace.


From there I turned left where I encountered Adelaide’s General Post Office. Was I still in Australia or was I transported to some random European city? I crossed the road towards Victoria Square. There were flags of the Aborigines and Australia, a fountain and I must say this feels more like a park rather than a square. Alright, may be my definition of square was limited to those of Brisbane’s King George Square and Melbourne’s Federation Square. Hey, didn’t King George Square use to have grass on it (before the busway station opens)?



I like the GPO’s clock tower. It tells you the time and emphasises the time difference between South Australia and other states. But I wonder during the beginning and the end of Daylight Saving, anybody was really there at 2 or 3am to put the clock forward/backward?


OK, one last shot of the tram before I continued my walk to Rundle Mall. 🙂


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