On the way to Rundle Mall

This is my third post on my very short trip to Australia’s fifth largest city.

From Victoria Square, I crossed Flinders St then walked on the eastern footpath of King Williams St. I really love the layout of Adelaide city! See the city map and tell me whether you love it or not.


I’m not sure whether walking on this side of King William St was a good decision because I can’t see Adelaide Town Hall from afar. But I must say my only picture of the Town Hall (above) is among the best shots of Adelaide I’ve taken. If that’s ugly, well, I’m only an amateur photographer. Though I think it’s a good picture with leafless tree in the foreground telling you the season of the year.

I have no idea what’s the purpose of the Town Hall. This is because Brisbane’s City Hall is under renovation ever since I arrived in this country so I have no idea what’s the purpose of town/city hall. The only city hall I’ve ever passed in Indonesia is Surabaya’s City Hall which I must say has an exclusive feeling (which I believe is not the purpose of a city hall). Meanwhile, Singapore’s City Hall, I believe, is only a name of an MRT station.

Oops, did I mention Perth’s Town Hall? I almost entered that building once because they were having exhibition. Apparently that exhibition was an exhibition on chairs. Forget it! Let me make my way to Swan Bells Tower, I thought.


Adelaide’s roads are wider than Brisbane’s or Perth’s, I must say. Cities that have wide roads are believed to be old cities. Is that right? Is that a tram or a bus in the picture? If Brisbane is planning to reintroduce tram in the CBD, I don’t think Adelaide St is wide enough to accommodate trams (unless the tram line is to be extended into the Valley, there’s no other choice).


Adelaide doesn’t have many skyscrapers. And apparently the 132-metre tall Westpac House at the corner of King William and Currie St is Adelaide’s tallest. Well, at least they have a more relaxed height restriction on building than my hometown (no higher than a coconut tree). I say “Keep Adelaide unique!” You don’t need skyscrapers to show off the world that you’re a great city. You’ve proven me so! Old buildings in the City show how Adelaide people love their heritage. Just like this.


As much as I love skyscrapers, I don’t wish my hometown to be the another typical Indonesian metropolis. If Mataram or Kupang wants to go ahead with tall buildings, do as you please but not my hometown. Perhaps Denpasar should be the ‘Adelaide of Indonesia’. 😀 Population growing? Why don’t we stop the population from growing? Do we have enough food to feed them? Do we have enough land to shelter them? Do we want our Denpasar to be congested just like Indonesia’s largest city? Don’t make Jakarta’s problems ours!


And here’s Rundle Mall.


You will notice this building if you’re entering the mall from Hindley St.

More to come from Adelaide.


3 thoughts on “On the way to Rundle Mall

  1. Dulu saya pernah ke Adelaide. Kota modern yang cantik. Dari blok ke blok gedung tak ada pagar. Bisa menyusuri sungai. Malah saya ke pasar segala dan mendapatkan rambutan binjai, tapi ternyata dari Northern Territory. Penjualnya menyebut “ram-bat-an”, bukan rambutan. 😀

    • Pasarnya Central Market atau yang tiap hari Minggu di Victoria Square, Om Paman? Waktu saya ke Central Market, banyak lapak yang tutup soalnya hari Rabu . 😦

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