Sorry, I’m closed (for a while)

As exam is approaching (next Wednesday), I’ll therefore cease my blogging activity until 22 June 2011. This is going to be a make or break exam so I’m really relying from this paper.

I’ll be back as soon as possible with more stories (and some behind the scene stories) after the exam. It’s only one paper.

If you’re this blog critic, I believe you’ll think that I haven’t been blogging as many this year and this quiet period means nothing at all. That’s fine. Suit yourself. There are millions other blogs to read and I believe you’ll find one that suit you otherwise make your own blog.

Hopefully I can go live-blogging from the Festival State in two weeks time.


Down for two weeks

There will be no updates for the next two weeks as I will be having exam. However, my twitter account on the right hand side of this page will remain active.

Short blog posts, such as West End librarian’s story, may be posted during the two weeks but long-winded posts; such as trip report, BNE Open House etc.; will not be posted at all.

I wish myself all the best (I think I’m sick) and keep reading this blog in the days to come.

P.S.: On December, I will have a special post from Perth.

Away for holiday

Attention every one, I will be away for holiday between 2nd July 2010 and 19th July 2010. Tomorrow, hopefully, I could post something since I enjoy early break compared to my fellow schoolmates.

If everything goes to plan, I will visit Museum of Brisbane at Ann Street. MoB as it is commonly referred to currently exhibits “Prejudice and Pride”, the role of LGBT society to Brisbane. I am also planning to visit the exhibition on the 25th anniversary of sister city relationship between Brisbane and the city of Kobe in Japan at Brisbane Square Library. Lastly, a visit to Gallery of Modern Art for Ron Mueck’s exhibition (which I watched on Seven News, the exhibition encourages visitors to take photograph and share it with the world).

So, there you go. Loads of items to post and hopefully I don’t forget to post.

On 2nd July, I will be off to Darwin in the Northern Territory for a 5-to-7-hour transit. I plan to visit the city of Darwin as well. So look out for post(s) on Darwin in the upcoming month. And of course my story back in my always-lovely hometown Denpasar.

That’s the announcement for now. I’ll be back tomorrow. Have a great July!