Smith’s State of Origin special edition

I’m not going to talk about State of Origin match here but rather some special edition of Smith’s potato chips that is only available during the State of Origin season.

On the Friday before Origin Game 1, Coles advertised on the Courier-Mail about their latest grocery promo. Three packs of Smith’s 175g potato chips cost only $5 till Wednesday (which is SOO Game 1).

I was curious about this special flavour and tried to locate it Coles Central at Myer Centre but to no avail. If it can’t be found at Myer Centre, I didn’t expect to find it at Coles Central QueensPlaza either. Did I fall for Coles advertising gimmick? You decide.

Last week after my grocery shopping at the Saturdays West End Market at Davies Park, I went to Coles Mollison St (West End) just to buy prepacked food not available at the market. Then I came across these boxes of Smith’s SOO special edition besides the frozen food area.


I forgot to mention earlier that this special edition is only available at Coles. The packaging shows two colours, blue (NSW) and maroon (Qld – my current state). It’s pizza flavour as it turned out to be. I thought it was some special flavour. But then again, do you expect pavlova or lamington flavour for your potato chip?


As the theme of this potato chips is State of Origin, does anyone living in Albury-Wodonga or Ballarat or any other place outside NSW and Qld able to locate this at your local Coles?


It tastes quite similar to pizza-flavoured potato chips that I had tasted a few years ago. That was back in Singapore, usually I bought it either at Cheers or 7-Eleven (well, as an alternative to Lay’s sour cream & onion or Polar puffs or Pokka Lemon Tea). I forget the name but it was Japanese brand.

By the way, it’s a mystery I never figure out. Why isn’t there any Lay’s potato chips sold in Australia? Is this the same case as Burger King branded as Hungry Jack’s in Australia?


Lay’s Seaweed and Pizza flavours

Lay’s is a very well known brand in the world of potato chips. Their products can be found easily here in Singapore. And in Singapore (I don’t know about other countries), yellow packet is for original flavour, green is for sour cream and onion, black is for barbeque.

When I went back to Indonesia, there is a little bit of difference. Firstly, the size of the packet. Most Indonesians buy the smaller packets probably because of money reason (so many is still under poverty) and scared of not able to finish them. There are big packets but it is easier to find the small packets though.


In Indonesia, green Lay’s packet stands for seaweed flavour. I guess it must be because of Japanese food craze in recent years and that rises the popularity of seaweed. I’m not a culinary expert so I can’t really describe how is the flavour to you. On the potato chips you eat, you can find some seaweed (I don’t know whether it’s really seaweed or fake seaweed) sticked onto it. That’s how they made the seaweed flavour I guess.


Red Lay’s packet stands for pizza flavour. I didn’t eat this one so I didn’t know what was the taste like.