F-111 exhibition at Ipswich Art Gallery

One of the reason I visited Ipswich Art Gallery was my curiosity on this exhibition honouring the RAAF’s 37 years-serving fighter. Back when I was in Singapore, such exhibition only takes place at the Singapore Air Show (which I had never attended before). And talking about my hometown, I think they have their own definition for ‘art’.

So, here it goes the cockpit of the mighty F-111.

Notes on the cockpit:

Up and down

Another angle of the cockpit, it’s a two-seater fighter.

But all those photos were taken by yours truly (now I’m sounding like George Negus) in the main area. The itchier, scratchier (this blog and its author have no relation with Itchy & Scratchy) part of the exhibition was located inside a dedicated room. In front of the room, there were 20 (or was it 25?) photographs by the Queensland Times photographers. As yours truly walked down the corridor, opening the glass door into the exhibition room… a diecast of the F-111 was put up.

F-111. Supersonic Speed. Innovative Design. Long Range Strike.

But it seems yours truly missed out the uniform worn by pilots of the fighter. Though, he managed to notice a quirky kind of instruction in the uniform.

Start here (presuming it is Amberley Air Base) then put the bombs there (why Tasmania?) and avoid South Australia. Hmm, any guess why is that so? Yours truly does not know the answer either (if you know, put a comment and it’s free).

The following pictures are some of the components of the F-111.



Is this the hydraulic system?

Supposedly this is a map of the world, then the coloured areas are the names of the geographical area that you must know.

What is what in the cockpit with hundreds of buttons

The legendary wheel

Is this satellite located on board or is it on land?

I suggest you don’t play with fire.

Dump and burn. Greenpeace may have another opinion on this feature of the jet.

The afterburner

Yours truly is not a technical guy. Once again yours truly appeal if any of you readers know what is this, do leave a comment.



The joystick. Even Wii can’t replace it.

“This blog freedom of information investigation has revealed the primary flight control system of the F-111.”

And just before I leave you, here’s a look back at the entrance.

If you are interested in knowing more about the F-111, a note is provided. Sponsor of the exhibiton is also acknowledged by this blog.




And of course, the Super Hornet is now replacing the long-serving fighter.

That’s all for me for now. Hopefully there is free wi-fi connection at State Library of Western Australia or at Perth International Airport. I will be crossing across the continent tomorrow. Have a nice day.


science.09 – “Take off and Landing” at “Seletar Airport”

As part of A* (Agency for Science, Technology and Research) and Singapore’s Science Centre to promote science, the two bodies organised the annual Science month. I’ve never heard of it in the past year. I only recently know about it after reading reports on The Straits Times and a event’s guide on my school library.

Since I am interested in aviation, I participated in aviation-related events. There are only two actually. One of the event is “Take off and Landing” at “Seletar Airport”, organised by Singapore Polytechnic.

The event started at 9 am till 11 am. There were about 14 participants took part, mostly a group of five Sec 3 students from Bedok North Secondary and three teachers (I don’t know from which school).

At first, the lecturers brought us around the laboratories. There were lots of plane diecasts as well, mostly military and SIA’s aircraft. They also have aircraft engines (mostly turbofans) and a real aircraft (I guess it’s Cessna but it has no flying licencse).

After much talking about the facilities, the group then was separated into two. One group consisted of seven person went to see the grounded A-4 Skyhawk jet while the other played Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. Now, if you’re interested in playing such games, you can visit Indoflyer’s Flight Simulator Section for more informations.

I went for flight simulation. We were supposed to fly Cessna 172 from Seletar Airport to Seletar Airport. But some people changed the aircraft. I was one of them. Instead I piloted Boeing 737-400 owned by one of America’s airlines.

My take off went smoothly despite “snow” in Singapore. The landing part was quite hard as my plane had a very steep landing in Johor. On my second attempt to land, however, thing was quite different. It was quite a smooth landing although I didn’t land in Senai Airport but on a clear field without crashing onto trees or house. The lecturer-in-charge then said “All passengers are safe.”

They taught some basic skills of handling an aircraft and physics such as force, pressure, yaw, roll etc. Also discussed was some requirements to be pilot (1.64 m, good eyesight etc).

Enough of Flight Simulator, then my group was brought to see A-4 Skyhawk.

A radar is always put outside the aircraft. A stick pointing out of the tail is used to measure wind speed, pressure etc and it got more to do about computation.

The cockpit is quite spacious with the brake still there. They say the aircraft is still useable.

This is a photo of Dover MRT station.

The nose of A-4

I guess there is something missing here.

A-4 Skyhawk is used by Singapore Air Force from the 1970s till 1990s. It is still useable but it was grounded to pave way for the arrival of F-16. Most air forces in the world but only the basic model of the aircraft. They then improved it by themselves. Why? To confuse enemy? Singapore is pouring hundred millions of dollars just for aircraft researches.

Last shot of Uncle Skyhawk

All in all, it was a good experience. Perhaps I would enter the world of deskpilot (if I could). The other aviation related event is coming next week.

Highlights 08/09/2009

Pesawat Nomad Jatuh
Courtesy: Media Indonesia

Lagi, pesawat militer jatuh. Pesawat Nomad jatuh di Long Bawan, Kalimantan Timur dalam penerbangan patroli rutin dari Tarakan ke Long Bawan dan kembali ke Tarakan.

Ini merupakan keempat kalinya pesawat tipe ini mengalami kecelakaan. Kejadian pertama pada tahun 1987 lalu 1988, 2007, dan 2009. Untuk spesifikasi dan detail mengenai tragedi serupa, klik gambar di atas untuk memperbesar.


Insiden Sungai Korea
Courtesy: Media Indonesia

On Monday, 07 September 2009, South Korea protested North Korea for disposing water to a cross-border river that caused six people to be missing, one of them is a child.


Pembicaraan Enam Partai
Courtesy: Media Indonesia

Masih seputar Korea Utara tapi saya malas menjelaskannya jadi klik saja gambar di atas untuk informasi lebih lanjut.


Perselisihan Boeing VS Airbus
Courtesy: Kontan

World Trading Organisation (WTO) thinks European Union (EU) loan for Airbus is an unfair subsidy. To certain extent, the loan is also violating terms and conditions of “outside aid”. This is the end of a long-standing dispute between US and EU on subsidy for aircraft manufacture.


Pengindraan Satelit Musim Tanam
Courtesy: Media Indonesia

Diagram di atas menunjukkan cara kerja pengindraan satelit untuk musim tanam. Semoga saja dapat membantu para petani.


Fungsi Sabuk Hijau
Courtesy: Kompas

Green belt , besides muffling tsunami, is also used to reduce global warming.


Hak Pengushaan Perairan Pesisir untuk Masyarakat Adat
Courtesy: Kompas

Diagram di atas membahas Hak Pengusahaan Perairan Pesisir untuk Masyarakat Adat. Jangan sampai ada kesalahpahaman terjadi.

Berita Pilihan untuk 28 & 29 Agustus 2009

Apresiasi Terhadap Seni Budaya Rendah
Kompas, 28 Agustus 2009

Kurang, Dukungan pada Seni Budaya
Kompas, 29 Agustus 2009

Nah, salah siapa sekarang kalau budaya kita “diambil” negara lain? Saya menggunakan tanda kutip pada kata ‘diambil’ karena keabsahan pengambilan itu masih diragukan. Untuk apa kita berkoar-koar, marah-marah, saling ledek-meledek di forum-forum dunia maya kalau diatanya masalah seperti ini selalu bersilat lidah, berkilah, dan lain-lain.

Memang, definisi nasionalisme itu rancu.

Di lain sisi, pemerintah sendiri juga gagal dalam menyediakan dana bagi perkembangan dunia seni budaya. Dalam lima tahun pemerintahan yang baru, saya harap ada koordinasi agar satu per satu masalah sosial di Indonesia dapat diselesaikan tanpa adanya masalah dana.

Dana sendiri bukanlah satu-satunya masalah. Gengsi masyarakat dan kebutaan sejarah.


Pendidikan - Tanpa Revolusi Bisa Terpuruk
Kompas, 28 Agustus 2009

Satu hal lagi, calon-calon sarjana kita bisa saja mengkandaskan impiannya atau gagal mengaplikasikan apa yang mereka pelajari karena sudah tak sesuai dengan konteks sosial saat ini. Pemerintah harus bisa memberikan jaminan kepada semua pihak agar pendidikan yang diberikan itu membangun dan sebisa mungkin dapat disesuaikan dengan kondisi sosial ekonomi sebuah institusi pendidikan.

Ini supaya institusi-institusi yang kekurangan dana atau minim fasilitas, pelajar-pelajarnya tetap mendapatkan pendidikan berkualitas. Mungkin harus ada penggabungan institusi-institusi (yang lebih kaya dan miskin) atau pun pembagian fasilitas.


Emisi Karbon - Indonesia Mampu Sumbang 2,3 Giga Ton Per Tahun
Kompas, 28 Agustus 2009

Saya sangat mendukung program ini supaya terealisasi. Kita sebagai negara dan bangsa Indonesia harus membuktikan kepada dunia bahwa kita bukan hanya contoh demokrasi Asia tetapi juga pelopor di antara negara-negara berkembang dalam bidang lingkungan. Apa lagi ini menyangkut keberlangsungan planet yang kita tinggali ini.


Bahasa - Kesaksamaan
Kompas, 28 Agustus 2009 (klik pada gambar untuk memperbesar)


Pemetaan Penduduk - Kepadatan Jawa Lampaui Daya Dukung Hutan
Kompas, 28 Agustus 2009

Program transmigrasi mungkin bisa dijadikan solusi. Namun perlu dipertimbangkan pula dampak sosialnya oleh pemerintah. Tentu kita tidak ingin melihat kejadian di mana para transmigran tidak dapat hidup dengan harmonis dengan penduduk lokal di daerah transmigrasi. Masih ingat kerusuhan Sampit? Itu adalah contoh gagalnya pembauran masyarakat.

Mungkin pemerintah perlu merevisi sistem pendidikan agar pembauran masyarakat tetap terjadi dalam praktek nyata. Para transmigran ada baiknya pula diajari tata sosial masyarakat di daerah tujuan dan menindak tegas tindakan-tindakan yang dapat memancing isu-isu SARA.


Hasil Kopenhagen Tentukan Nasib Bumi
Kompas, 29 Agustus 2009


Bahaya Liputan Teror
Kompas, 28 Agustus 2009

Media kita kebanyakannya memang terlalu sensasionalis. Peringkat acara selalu diutamakan dengan alasan iklan (tapi di depan masyarakat, agar masyarakat lebih tahu kejadian yang terjadi). Apakah liputan itu benar-benar dibutuhkan masyarakat dan mendidik? Analisa yang diberikan pun acakadut. Mungkin Indonesia memerlukan acara seperti Media Watch, sebuah acara yang mengkritik media-media (termasuk kanal yang menayangkan acara tersebut) di Australia supaya mereka jujur dan tidak berlebihan.


Peta Tembakau
Kontan, 28 Agustus 2009

Tobacco consumption will kill 6 million people next year due to cancer, heart problems, emphysema and other related diseases.

Masih mau merokok?


China Saingi Boeing 737 and Airbus A320
Kontan, 28 Agustus 2009

PT DI, kumasih menunggu proyek N2130 milikmu?


Sampah Laut
Kontan, 29 Agustus 2009

On the journey back home to “Pacific Rubbish Bigway”, marine scientists on Thursday (28/08) found plastics that covered the open sea. It was 2700 kilometres long.


Waktunya untuk karikatur

Jakartaria 28-08-2009
Kompas, 28 Agustus 2009
Karya: Jitet untuk Jakartaria

Mudik, Jakarta sepi tapi ternyata ada pencinta di kala Jakarta sepi. Sayang, pelitnya minta ampun. Minta dibonceng juga nggak mau.

Oom Pasikom - 29-08-2009
Kompas, 29 Agustus 2009
Karya: GM Sidharta untuk Oom Pasikom

Menyindir Malaysia atau Indonesia nih? Ingat, tahan emosi. Pikr baik-baik duduk perkaranya. Pikirkan juga sejarah yang melatarbelakangi kejadian ini. Bukan sejarah 5-10 tahun terakhir tapi ingat juga zaman Majapahit, Sriwijaya.

Kontan Daily - Harga Sembako Naik
Kontan, 29 Agustus 2009
Karya: Benny Rachmadi

Sembako naik, sudah rutinitas bagi sebagian kalangan. Pemerintah, inikah caramu setelah dikau terpilih kembali? Habis manis sepah dibuang memang.

Kontan Weekly - Sabar..., Tarif Jalan Tol Naik Terus
Kontan Weekly, Minggu III Agustus 2009

Di jalan tol, aspalnya naik atau tarif tolnya yang naik atau dua-duanya? Untung di daerah saya belum ada jalan tol biar katanya salah satu pulau paling berkembang di Indonesia.


Sekian Berita Pilihan kali ini. Besok, akan hadir pula Geoweek. Semoga bermanfaat bagi wawasan anda.

Courtesy: Kompas, Kontan

Sunday Highlights, 26/07/2009

Sunday Highlights kembali setelah absen selama beberapa minggu. Topik bahasan minggu ini:
1. Matahari Tanpa Cela (Flawless Sun)
2. Bahan Beracun dan Ancamannya (Chemical Toxics and Threats They Pose)
3. Geoweek
4. Garuda Indonesia


Sunday Highlights begins with Flawless Sun, a clipping from Indonesia’s Media Indonesia newspaper.

Kliping MI - Matahari Tanpa Cela
Courtesy: Media Indonesia, click picture to enlarge

When the sun is in a period of little or no flaw activity. The period is called minimum sun.

Cycle of The Sun

Sun’s flaw activity is influenced by periodic reversal and its magnetic field. It tends to be straight during the minimum period, and gradually turns back along its equatorial line. The equator rotates faster than the poles. Ultimately, the field breaks and penetrates the surface of the sun. It forms flaws which are slightly cooler than their surroundings. The flaws fade as the magnetic field straightens and changes direction.

Atmosphere of The Sun

Sun’s surface tends to be cooler at around 10 thousand degree Fahrenheit (about 5538 degree Celsius). However, its atmosphere is hotter, about 100 thousand in the chromosphere and 3 million in the corona. Flaw activity will make it looks like bright patches an a picture taken by an instrument that detects certain wavelengths and ultraviolet ray.


Kliping MI - Tabel Bahan Beracun dan Ancamannya
Courtesy: Media Indonesia

Component of: Casing, Wire
Threat: Hard to degrade in an insulated environment

Component of: Flat-screen monitor
Threat: Damage brain and nervous system especially on children

Component of: Battery
Threat: Can be accumulated in the environment, poisonous to the kidneys and bones

Component of: Monitor
Threat: Interfering child’s intellectuality, nervous system, blood circulation and reproduction on adults

BFR (Brominated Flame Retardant)
Component of: Circuit board, Casing
Threat: Memory interference; Thyroid, Estrogen Hormones interference


Geoweek - Masalah Yellowstone
Courtesy: Kompas

Yellowstone National Park is famous for its beauty and geological wonders. Most of the national park is situated on top of an old caldera which was formed as a result of volcanic eruption more than 600 million years ago.

Everybody knows that the geysers and mud wallows there were formed due to geological activities below the land surface. However, tremors activity cycles in recent time becomes a concern of certain parties that the Yellowstone may be erupted in the future.

If it occurs, the eruption will be a tremendous one, could be 2000 times stronger than Mt St Helens eruption in Washington in 1980.

Three ancient eruptions from Yellowstone supervolcano spurt ashes to a region we called United States now. The eruptions include the biggest eruption in the history of the Earth. The three eruptions occurred 2 million, 1.2 million and 600 thousand years ago respectively, raising speculations that a tremendous incident will be coming.

On December 2008, series of tremors occurred in Yellowstone area. For weeks, more than 500 seismic phenomenons took place. That raises concerns again that an eruption may occur.

However, many geologists believed that the Yellowstone seismic activity is natural and does not indicate that an eruption will occur in the near future. Despite the indications, they agreed that one day, Yellowstone will erupt again.


Garuda Indonesia is building a new image, how does it look like?

Iklan Garuda Indonesia - Era Baru 1

Iklan Garuda Indonesia - Era Baru 2
Claiming a new era in Indonesia’s aviation

Kliping MI - Pesawat Baru Garuda
Special guests

Kliping Kontan - Garuda Targetkan Laba Bersih
Their target for this year: Profit of Rp 3.7 billion

Adapted from various sources (Garuda advertisements, Media Indonesia, Kontan)

Sunday Highlights, 12/07/2009

Rubrik fotografi (halaman 16) Kompas Minggu hari ini begitu menarik karena topik yang diangkat adalah salah satu hal yang saya gemari, dunia penerbangan. Kompas Minggu mengangkat cerita tentang Boeing 737NG yang berusaha menggantikan kakak-kakaknya, Boeing 737 Classic (seri -300, -400, -500 sementara seri -100 dan -200 telah dipensiunkan lebih awal walaupun tidak semuanya telah dikandangkan). Segmen ini juga mengangkat pembelian pesawat Boeing 737NG antara Boeing dan Garuda Indonesia, maskapai nasional kita.

Berikut cuplikannya:
Kompas Fotografi 01 - 12 Juli 2009
Courtesy: Kompas

Garuda Indonesia’s Boeing 737-800 NG is approaching Majuro Airport in Marshall Islands on Thursday, 2 July 2009.

Kompas Fotografi 02 - 12 Juli 2009
Courtesy: Kompas

Boeing 737-800 NG is not just advanced in the sky, but also looks beautiful in painting that was given by Boeing to Garuda’s management team.

Kompas Fotografi 03 - 12 Juli 2009
Courtesy: Kompas

Besides design and modern engines, 737 NG like the one ordered by Garuda, is also equipped with cabin entertainment facility audio-video on demand (AVOD) in every passengers’ seats.


Bagian kedua Sunday Highlights, saya akan mengangkat penggunaan kode Dakode yang dipromosikan dan digunakan harian Kompas belakangan ini. Karena ponsel saya bermerk Nokia, maka saya hanya bisa menjelaskan bagaimana cara penggunaannya pada ponsel Nokia. Dakode sendiri adalah barcode 2 dimensi yang berisi informasi secara vertikal dan horisontal, berbeda dengan barcode 3 dimensi yang hanya berisi informasi secara horisontal.

Buka folder ‘Office’

Buka ‘Barcode Reader’

Lalu klik ‘Scan Code’ dan ikuti instruksi yang diberikan

Buka lensa kamera ponsel anda dan dekatkan pada kode Dakode di harian Kompas

Tunggu proses scanning hingga keluar informasi yang tersimpan di dalam Dakode tersebut, biasanya berupa link ke situs web Dakode Kompas

Anda boleh memilih untuk mengunjungi link yang diberikan atau tidak, jika anda mengunjungi link tersebut hal inilah yang akan muncul di layar ponsel anda

Setelah anda mengklik link di dakode.kompas.com tersebut, akan muncul info berkaitan Dakode yang anda scan

Jelajahilah situs web yang diberikan oleh Dakode tersebut, biasanya informasi yang anda dapat serupa dengan informasi di mana Dakode itu diletakkan


Bagian ketiga Sunday Highlights hari ini mengangkat strip komik di koran Kompas hari ini, kebanyakannya masih berkaitan dengan pilpres Rabu lalu.

Panji Koming - 12 Juli 2009
Courtesy: Kompas

Panji Koming edisi spesial bertemakan pemilu presiden 2009 dan peringatan HUT Kompas ke 44 tahun ini. Juga tampil di strip komik tersebut adalah tokoh-tokoh dari strip komik Kompas lainnya seperti Sukribo, Benny, Mice, dan Timun. Konpopilan tidak ditampilkan.

Benny & Mice - 12 Juli 2009
Courtesy: Kompas

Benny & Mice mengangkat isu Blackberry atau BB yang kian populer di kalangan remaja dan ibu rumah tangga. Namun, di sini justru masalah gengsi memiliki Blackberry yang lebih ditonjolkan. Lihat tindakan konyol yang dilakukan Mice.

Timun - 12 Juli 2009
Courtesy: Kompas

Timun membahas masalah joki, joki di kawasan 3-in-1 Jakarta dan joki di bidang pendidikan.

Sukribo - 12 Juli 2009
Courtesy: Kompas

Sukribo, seperti biasa, memberikan guyonan menghibur dan langsung tentang dagelan politik tanah air, masih seputar pilpres 2009. Pak Lurah selalu dibuat merah padam mukanya oleh Kribo.

Konpopilan - 12 Juli 2009
Courtesy: Kompas

Konpopilan membahas isu pupuk. Karena tidak ada balon komik, silakan menerka apa pesan yang ingin diceritakan dalam komik ini.


Last segment of Sunday Highlights for today is Geoweek, the topic is “Does biofuel reduce tropical rainforest area”.

Geoweek - Biofuel
Courtesy: Kompas, supported by: Zoomr

Cutting down virgin rainforests to plant biofuel plants is a wrong action that does not protect the environment instead, destroying them.

The world’s biofuel planting rate may increase the effect of global warming. However, planting biofuel plants on felling area that has been destroyed is actually beneficial to the environment.

Between year 2000 to 2007, ethanol production across the globe has grown up by 400% and biodesel by 1000%. In 2005, biofuel investment reached US$ 38 billions and is predicted to surpass US$ 100 billions by 2010.

When land crops was diverted into biofuel plantation, it has a double impact: if biofuel prduction increases, crops production decreases, as a result there will be shortage of food and price of food increases. Food shortage will affect the poor people.

Study by Stanford’s Wood Institute for the Environment concluded, when tropical rainforests are cut down and burnt for agricultural purposes, it takes hundreds of years to pay off the “carbon debt” due to the land clearing.

The study also concluded, if countries that invest on biofuel production use damaged agricultural land or other lands that could be grown for crops rather than clearing for a new land, biofuel could give a positive impact for the environment.

Biofuel gives challenges for governments and industries to make policies and incentives that control land resources usage in a wiser way rather than destroying tropical rainforests.


Sunrise - World's Safest Airlines
Courtesy: Sunrise, Seven Network Australia

Seven Network’s breakfast TV show, Sunrise, discussed about the world aviation safety a few days back. On their list of the safest airlines are Australia’s flag carrier Qantas, America’s budget carrier Southwest, New Zealand’s flag carrier Air New Zealand and Germany’s flag carrier Lufthansa. Also on the list were Delta Airlines of USA, Hong Kong’s carrier Cathay Pacific, South Korea’s Asiana and Dubai-based Emirates.

More well-known Southeast Asian carriers such as Thai, Malaysian Airlines and Singapore Airlines, especially the last one, strangely were not on the list. May be they tracked back airlines’ incident since they took off into the sky. Kochie, co-host of Sunrise, questioned how could Qantas be on the list when the ‘Flying Kangaroos’ has been plagued with some incidents in the past 12 months, like the emergency landing in Manila. Well, Qantas has never lost any of its fleet in the past even though they were faced with many incidents.

Budget carrier Southwest could make it onto the list, so is AirAsia is trying with their branding, safety issues. As far as I know, AirAsia had a bad landing only once in Kuching years ago and that’s all. I’m talking about safety not services here. Even Air New Zealand which had experienced financial trouble in the past could make it on top. Why can’t the rest do it as well?

I’m positioning myself here as an Indonesian and this is the sad truth.

Sunrise - Unsafest Countries for Airlines
Courtesy: Sunrise, Seven Network Australia

On the list of unsafest countries for airlines are Angola, Liberia (that’s my school ‘partner’ for Youth Olympic Games), troubled Sudan, threatening North Korea and sadly, Indonesia was also on the list. Kochie asked why don’t Australia authorities banned Indonesian airlines from entering Australian sky since among the unsafest list, Indonesian airlines are the most probable used by Australians. Well, I’m deeply saddened by this. Although rumours saying that four Indonesian airlines are allowed to enter European sky again, I guess that’s not the point.

What Indonesian authorities need to do is cleaning their tarnished image to the rest of the world and make sure that Indonesia’s avaiation glory in the past could be back again. Flag-carrier Garuda has been introducing a new corporate image, well done to Garuda, but the journey is still far. Make sure that Indonesian airlines are no longer branded as ‘unsafe’.

Iklan Garuda Indonesia
Courtesy: Media Indonesia

I hope that through the rebranding of Garuda Indonesia as pictured above will bring for the better. No more ban, please!

Kliping MI - Daftar Larangan Terbang Uni Eropa
Courtesy: Media Indonesia

This is the list of how many airlines are banned from entering EU’s sky. This is as of 8 April 2009.

Afghanistan – 1
Angola – 17
Benin – 8
Cambodia – 1
Congo, Republic Democratic of – 57
Equatorial Guinea, Republic of – 9
Gabon – 7
Indonesia – 50
Kazakhstan – 6
Kyrgyzstan – 17
North Korea – 1
Rwanda – 1
Sierra Leone – 1
Sudan – 1
Swaziland – 6
Thailand – 1
Ukraine – 4