GCE ‘O’ Level English Oral

Today is my GCE ‘O’ Level English Oral. Actually, my normal school lesson on Tuesdays ends at 1425 but students having the exam are dismissed at 1310 to have their lunch and some preparation. Thirty minutes before the exam begins, students are to be seated outside assigned rooms used for the exam.

There were two rooms used, Geography room and History room. Students are seated according to their exam number.

English Oral consists of three components; Reading, Picture Description and Conversation.

Students are given 10 minutes to read the passage and analyse the picture outside the room with one persnn (schonl staff) marking attendance.

The passage was about a doctor and his patient. The picture was about a health fair. The conversation, which was not given the cue, was about role mode and health.

Same to Mother Tongue Oral, every day the topic changes. Why? To prevent cheating, as simple as that.

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When I practised my reading before my turn came, some of the students commented that I read like a newsreader. To some extent, yes. This weekend I will show you what kind of video I have been watching on YouTube lately.

Among them are ABC News, Seven News, Nine News and Ten News.

That’s all for now, more details coming this weekend. Have a pleasant day/ night.


GCE ‘O’ Level – Mother Tongue Listening Comprehension

Thanks for coming to Apa Kabar Bram and this another special post regarding GCE ‘O’ Level -Mother Tongue Listening Comprehension.


Today, Secondary 4 students across Singapore who are taking Mother Tongue Language (MTL) as a subject had their last GCE ‘O’ Level paper for the subject. The three main MTL are Chinese, Malay and Tamil.

Chinese Language examination started earlier and about one hour after they’d finished, it was time for the rest of the languages. Students taking Malay and Tamil languages should proceed to their designated classrooms at 1630. The usage of classroom is probably to reduce the spread of H1N1.

Around 1630, invigilators assigned for each classrooms came with a radio, question papers, Personal Multiple Choice Answer Sheets (PMCASes) and attendance slip.

Malay Language LC was broadcasted from MediaCorp Radio Ria 89.7FM while Tamil Language LC was broadcasted from MediaCorp Radio Oli 96.8FM.

The audio for LC would be broadcasted at 1700 and while waiting, invigilators gave out PMCASes. The PMCASes will be matched with students’ confirmation slip numbers to reduce inaccuracy. After that, the radio was turned on to make sure that every single students, especially those seated at the back of the classroom, could hear what the audio played later on in order to answer the questions.

Soon, question papers were distributed. This was followed with identity checking, to make sure the person sitting for the exam is the same.

While waiting for the audio to be played, the channel played some Indonesian songs sung by Gigi. The single was Sebelas Januari if I’m not mistaken. Another song was the theme song for sinetron “Melati Untuk Marvel” sung by ST12. In between the songs, there was an English rock song being played but I didn’t know the name of the singer and the title of the song.

Every few minutes, there were announcements saying that there will be LC at 5pm. Before it commenced, the channel run headline news segment. Among the news were suspects of Jakarta bombings, North and South Korea war anniversary and robbery case in Singapore.

At 16.59, Ria played the LC audio. There were four excerpts.

First excerpt was discussing about dentistry. The excerpt was read in documentary format.

Second excerpt talked about cooking. The excerpt was in conversation form.

Third excerpt talked about food. It was read in news format.

Fourth excerpt was about dedication and was read in monologue format.

The questions and multiple answers were read after one excerpt. Usually, first and second excerpt have two questions each. Third and fourth excerpt have three questions each. In total, there were ten questions and 40 multiple answers. Each questions worths two marks.

After the last excerpt was played, all the excerpts would be played back without any pause for questions and MAs. The LC ended at 1725 and extra time of one minute and 30 seconds was given to check our answers and make sure our answers were in PMCAS.


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